Delivery / Refund Policy

Delivery / Refund Policy

Delivery Policy

Online orders placed after 7:00 am are scheduled for next business.

  1. Deliveries are weather permitting.
  2. Keep a clear and safe path to your fill pipe ALL SEASONS. i.e. any obstruction.
  3. Trojan Oil is entitled to refuse deliveries if they feel it is unsafe or inaccessible.
  4. Please secure all pets on the day of delivery
  5. Orders are subject to a cancellation fee.


Refund Policy

If you have paid for more oil than what could be delivered we will apply a credit to your account. If you would like a refund please contact our office at 508-583-3046 and we would be happy to issue a refund check. Please keep in mind that a refund check could take up to 2 weeks to process. Otherwise, remind us when ordering your next delivery that you have a credit and we will subtract the credit from the total due. The online ordering feature DOES NOT automatically deduct a credit so please call the office to place your order. A credit will not expire and will remain on your account until you choose to use it.